Welcome To Our Jurisdiction

We invite you to visit our Website and our Jurisdictional events as listed. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions you may have on the Contact Us page. It is our hope and prayer that you will find the Spirit of God , the Love of the Brethren and the Joy of the Fellowship of Believers as

you join us in study and Worship.

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Weekly Prayer: 605-313-4802 / Access Code 1045587#       

Wednesday Morning @ 7AM 

Pandemic Prayer Hour

  Wednesday  Evening @ 8PM

 Thursday Evening @ 8PM

 Friday Evening @ 8PM - Spoken Word from Bishop Morris

BISHOP ERNEST C. MORRIS, SR.,  Jurisdictional Prelate

BISHOP WILLIAM CHANCY, Senior Administrative Assistant

MOTHER EMILY MYRICK,  Supervisor of Women's Department
MOTHER WINIFRED MORRIS, Assistant Supervisor of Women's Department


Mount Airy Church of God In Christ 
6401 Ogontz Avenue 
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19126 

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