Jurisdictional Executive Board

Bishop Ernest C Morris, Sr.

Jurisdictional Prelate

Mother Emily Myrick

Supervisor, Women's Dept

Supt. Bishop William Chancy, Senior Administrative Assistant "New Mount Zion Pentecostal COGIC"

Overseer Wendell Robbins Administrative Assistant Executive Jurisdictional Secretary Chief Adjutant

Supt. Dr. Warren Wilcox, II Executive Assistant Jurisdictional Secretary "Better Life Ministries COGIC"

Supt. Hezekiah Lampley "Morning Star COGIC"

Supt. Esau Courtnery, JR. "Courtney Temple COGIC"

Supt. Bishop J. Louis Felton, Auxiliary Bishop "Mount Airy Church COGIC"

Supt. Bishop Reuben T. Jones. Jr. "Christian Tabernacle Church of Philadelphia"

Supt. Anthony Lindsay "Malachi COGIC"

The Mission of the Koinonia of Pennsylvania Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

~To Equip, Edify, and Enhance the Local Church Kingdom Building: such that every Church can expect to see growth in spirit, in numbers, and ministries.

~ To Assist Pastors and congregations to achieve the great objective of the Church Of God In Christ: to Glorify God, Evangelize the world, and to Edify the believer.

~ To Aid, Assist, and Augment Pastors to develop their leadership skills, and assist them to grow spiritually, numerically, and financially, as an individual and as a corporate body.

~ To Provide a role model of excellence in all we do because the God we serve is excellent.

~ To Provide a support system for local Pastors and congregations through positive interaction and fellowship where Pastors can feel safe, secure, and respected, and where bonds of mutual trust exist.

~ To Support the National Church Of God In Christ and its leaders in all of its endeavors.

BISHOP ERNEST C. MORRIS, SR.,  Jurisdictional Prelate

BISHOP WILLIAM CHANCY, Senior Administrative Assistant

MOTHER EMILY MYRICK,  Supervisor of Women's Department
MOTHER WINIFRED MORRIS, Assistant Supervisor of Women's Department


Mount Airy Church of God In Christ 
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 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19126 

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