Mother Kimberly Nugent ~ Agape District ~ Superintendent Bishop William Chancy

Mother Donna Robbins ~ New Garden District ~ Superintendent Esau Courtney, Jr.

Mother Ecclester Musgrove ~ Phileo District ~ Superintendent Bishop J. Louis Felton

Mother Ruth Baxter ~ Rhema District ~ Insterim Superintendent Bishop Ernest C. Morris, Sr.

Mother Rosalie Chapman ~ Shalom District ~ Superintendent Anthony Lindsay

Mother Glenda Radical ~Theo Ho Pater District~ Superintendent Hezekiah Lampley

Mother LaTanya Franklin ~ Unity District ~ Superintendent Bishop Reuben T. Jones. Jr.



Mother Wanda Foster-Milliner ~ Progressive District ~ Superintendent Dr. Warren Wilcox

BISHOP ERNEST C. MORRIS, SR.,  Jurisdictional Prelate

BISHOP WILLIAM CHANCY, Senior Administrative Assistant

MOTHER EMILY MYRICK,  Supervisor of Women's Department
MOTHER WINIFRED MORRIS, Assistant Supervisor of Women's Department


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