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Dr. Ciarra A. Lewis

AIM Interim President

Evangelist Sonya Williams

AIM Executive Assistant

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The Koinonia Missions Department mission is to recruit, train, and deploy Spirit-filled servants into all the world to meet the spiritual and natural needs of humanity. This department provides financial support in areas of concern in 3rd world countries, such as Ghana West Africa and Haiti. This department also focus on the need and concerns of domestic missions in our inner city. Focusing on supplying needs and goods for those who are without, as well as sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.


This Department focuses on outreach of the Gospel. In addition, intensive training of S.W.A.T Teams (street witnessing teams) will take place. At all levels the Koinonia Jurisdiction will sponsor and facilitate extensive training in personal evangelism.


“A Wise Teacher Makes Learning a Joy! (Proverbs 15:2) The goals of the Sunday School Dept are to create a fun and loving environment for every student.  “A Child Saved Is a Soul Save Plus A Life”.  The COGIC believes that a child is saved thru learning and growing in God’s word then the child brings to Sunday School their parents because of their saved life.  It is the goal of Every Teacher in the Koinonia District to be equip with Powerful Tools for Effective Teaching. This will be accomplished by linking with the COGIC Sunday School Dept which has many resources that will help develop your Teaching skills and enhance spiritual growth for you and your students.  The Koinonia Sunday School Department will stretch your gifts so that you can be effective in any classroom environment thru our Monthly meetings, Workshops and Seminars


The Koinonia Jurisdiction Music Department is made up of anointed and dedicated singers, liturgical dancers, and musicians who are called to set, protect, and maintain the atmosphere of the church through song and dance. The mission of the department is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, lead the congregation in worship, and to provide an avenue for individuals to be an integral part of worship. The Koinonia Jurisdiction Music Department will also conduct workshops and training for choirs, vocalists, liturgical dancers, directors, and musicians. The department seeks to enhance the quality of song selections, singing techniques, musicianship, and dance, while encouraging participation and leadership development for all members


The future of every institution is its investment in its youth. The Koinonia Jurisdictional Youth & Young Adult Department believes that our Youth & Young Adults present a vital and exciting preview of our future church. It is our mission to plant seeds of discipleship while nurturing our youth to grow into great Leaders. We are committed to teaching, leading and living a Christian life which will help to excite, inspire and ignite our youth to live a life for Jesus. We remain steadfast in our endeavor to cultivate our youth mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually, while using the Word of God as our tool to fulfill this great mission.

• Workshops
• Youth Summits
• Teen Forums
• Leadership Retreats
• Bible Bowl
• Talent Searches
• Drill, Step, Color Guard
• Youth Hot Line
• Purity Classes
• Sunshine Band
• Boys to Men Mentoring Programs
• Drama
• Girls to Women Mentoring Programs


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